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About White Money Club (WMC)

As on date the acute need and requirement of the "Money" built-up or made after payment taxes which is also called as "White Money" or "Legal Money" is/are required to everybody whether IAS, IPS, IFS, Government officers/ employees & their family members, businessman, individual, firm, company, association, Ministers & Politicians & all others to fulfill the payments and requirements of family members relating to Education, Marriage, Real-Estate, Foreign Education, Automobiles, Electronics, Mobiles, Tour & Travels, Daily needs purchase & sale and other purposes, therefore the membership based "White Money Club" has been constituted to give free services, advice & help to its members only who join "White Money Club" online by login www.wmclub.in to receive advice, consultancy from us by them to create, obtain and save their "White Money" or "Legal Money" in accordance with law, rules & in legal manner to utilize it for the above said purposes, need, requirement by members of "White Money Club" (WMC). White money or Legal money means personal loan, Business loan, Credit card, Home loan, Wallet, Loan against property, Mutual fund, Car loan, Fixed deposit, Insurance, Saving account, Education loan and Gold loan etc. created, obtained or saved by members of white money club through banks and financial institutes as per law and rules on advice, consultancy and help of white money club for which it has been constituted for members who join for such things, facilities and advice.

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